How we’re shining a light on celiac disease

2023 Shine a Light Press Release from Beyond Celiac

 A coalition of non-profit organizations from around the globe builds on their Shine a Light on Celiac partnership to raise awareness for celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that affects one in every hundred people worldwide, by having buildings light up green on May 16. May is Celiac Awareness Month in the United States, Canada, and…


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May is Celiac/Coeliac Awareness Month in Canada, Europe and the United States, May 9-15 is Coeliac Awareness Week in the UK, and May 16 is internationally recognized as Celiac Awareness Day. Building off of the past joint activities of 2020—where buildings across the globe “shone” green for awareness—celiac-related organizations across the globe have come together to support shining a light on the seriousness of this disease in 2021.

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